The Social Business Hierarchy of Needs

social fish
social fish

Watch this 20 minute video of Jeremiah Owyang discussing the state of social business in a short presentation at LeWeb, based on the latest Altimeter report.

His main points:

– this is a very nascent space; if you’re working on social right now you’re EARLY.
– average corporate company has 178 social media accounts – way too many.
– companies are rushing to add social media buttons on their websites without understanding these tools or really integrating them
– mainstream media loves “social media crisis” stories
– responding to customers without a real strategy reinforces the “yell and you’ll get attention” mindset
– there is a social business hierarchy of needs that relates to Maslow’s hierarchy.

1. Foundation – why are we doing this? what are the policies we need, the training and education we need?
2. Safety – how do we get the right team in place? Different models – centralized, decentralized, hub and spoke, dandelion, holistic. Composition of a social media team – usually a corporate social strategist with a cross functional team.
3. Formation – putting all the pieces together to build your program. Growing percentage of employees “publishing” to social media sites
4. Enablement – not enough spread yet through multiple departments.
5. Enlightenment – the ability to be predictive, to understand what customers want.

If you look at these, there are plenty of associations already looking to the enlightenment stage – they may not have truly integrated social into every department, but they are thinking about social CRM, the ultimate purpose of which is LEARNING. Incorporating social data to membership data in order to learn more about all of the members, prospective members, internal staff, and other stakeholders in the community around the organization and what they want and need (what the value proposition is) from the association. We think we’re behind – but I believe we have plenty of associations doing exactly what they should be in terms of this thinking and this preparation for the future of social business.

Watch the video and see what you think. Where are you on the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs?

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