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Top Tech Sites

At this age of the modern century, technology has emerged tremendously with new technological inventions and latest apps existing in the technological sectors. At the heart of the digital invention is technology where gadgets, software, and apps came into existence. People utilize technology for granted and to keep themselves updated. As this year is coming to an end, here are the top 20 recognized tech websites in the world that we follows. What are we waiting for?

Here are the top 20 list of tech websites worldwide.

1) TechCrunch

TechCrunch is one of the most popular tech websites which covers the latest news and unbiased tech reviews of the latest tech gadgets. TechCrunch was discovered in June 2005 by the founders of Michael Arrington and Keith Teare.

This tech website provides the most relevant information from the latest apps to the latest tech news from recognized companies happening worldwide.

TechCrunch is considered one of the most leading tech online publisher for blogs and startups. These blogs are related to the latest product reviews, news, tech guides and many more. They operate their own platform site called CrunchBase which was launched in July 2007. The platform site consists of investors, startups, funding information, founding members, leadership positions, events, industry trends and many more.

TechCrunch and Crunchbase have targeted different audiences by having their own platform site and updating the most up to date tech products and news happening around the world.

2) TechEngage

TechEngage, as the name suggests, is a Technology website that Engages humans with Technology. The quality content of TechEngage makes it happen that we are placing at #2.

TechEngage is considered as an all-rounder covering tech news from all angles. It’s a popular technology website and is also a multinational media. The website was discovered in 2002 that was providing tech training to unemployed individuals at that time.

TechEngage also helps researchers and influencers to get more visibility. The tech site focused on technological developments, multiplatform services, device manufacturers, governments and enterprises. TechEngage also provides how-to guides of technological products.

3) The Next Web

The Next Web is the leading tech website that focuses on business and obviously technology. This tech site is mainly focused on annual conferences where every year they host their own conference in different locations. The Next Web was discovered in 2006 by the partners of Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and Patrick de Laive.

What made this tech site recognized on the top 20 list? The answer is apart from the latest tech news, they host different events of different technical topics that are going to happen in different cities. They also update past conferences and they have a few ranges of categories which they pick out the most recent news in relation to technology regarding to space, AI, IoT, roundups, how to guides, gadgets, investments, and security.

4) Wired

Wired is an online publication magazine which is considered as the most popular media site. Wired was launched in 1993 by the founder and editor of Louis Rosetto. Wired made it to the top of the list in the world by providing the latest news and trends of technology along with the great publishing quality.

This tech site is admired worldwide that different countries used the same name such as Wired UK, Wired Japan, Wired Germany and Wired Italia available in different languages. Apart from technological news, Wired covers from recognized tech giants to small startups in relation to culture, business, gear, ideas, science, security, and transportation.

This website also covers from useful how-to guides to unbiased roundups picked out by their experienced editors or authors. Wired how-to guides are linked to upcoming gadgets, designs, entertainment, and business.

5) Tech2

Tech2 is a leading tech website which is operated by the Indian news and media website called Firstpost. The tech site has made it to the top of the list by posting articles about tech news, reviews of a range of different gadgets like TV, laptops, smartphones, audio and many more. Apart from that, Tech2 covers articles in relation to gaming, audio, videos, science, and photos.

The site also posts articles for comparing websites and new gadgets easily and can be done at the same time. Tech2 also picks out the most popular news trends of the week in relation to technology.

6) Gizmodo

Gizmodo is another recognized tech site in the world which focuses on the latest tech news and the futuristic updates in relation to science and science fiction topics.

Gizmodo was launched in 2002 as part of the Gawker Media network by Nick Denton and included the blog of io9 which was discovered in 2008. The io9 consists of science fiction, fantasy, futurisms, and science technology. Apart from tech gadget, Gizmodo covers technological topics in a range of categories and this includes video, reviews, science, io9, design, field guide, earther and paleofuture (the retor future of future from the past history).

Gizmodo made their site on the top 20 list by covering futuristic tech inventions and influencing the depictions of future inventions produced in the old era. This tech site also covers best guides for gadgets and tutorial guides in relation to gadgets. Gizmodo has a range of tech reviews and other products like bags, drones, virtual reality, components, wearables, and toys.

7) Mashable

Mashable is digital media website which was founded in 2005 by Pete Cashmore. Mashable is also a blogging site and covers from recognizable tech companies to a small tech startup. This tech site is highly recognized worldwide that the site is available in different countries under the same name such as Mashable India, Mashable UK, Mashable SE Asia, Mashable ME, and Mashable Australia.

Mashable is considered one of the most tech blogs on the internet. What made this site on top of the 20 lists worldwide? The answer is Mashable is more than just latest tech news and unbiased tech reviews. This tech site covers technology in a range of different categories including culture, entertainment, science, business, video, social good, deals, travel, and security.

Mashable also has different roundups of tech products and home appliances along with how to guides and latest deals for different special occasions. Viewers also post their point of views about issues that are going on in the real world which made this tech site appear on top of the 20 lists in the world.

8) The Verge

The Verge is a technology news site that was discovered in 2011 and is operated by Vox Media. The website is created by Joshua Topolsky and Marty Moe. This site has made it on the list by picking out interesting tech topics that attract the attention of readers.

The Verge covers from the most recent tech news to the collection of technological product reviews. This tech site covers technology in relation to cars, science, culture, podcasts, circuit breaker, longform, newsletters, and forums.

The most interesting fact about this technology site is that it has their own YouTube channel and a longform category which people can express their point of views about different topics of technology on how it affects the society. Longform features illustrative images that caught the attention of viewers. The Verge features a circuit breaker category where it has their own blog about the latest gadgets written by experienced bloggers or authors. The Verge appeared on the top 20 tech site worldwide by having their own online store called ‘The Verge Store’ which sells from T-Shirts to computing accessories.

Hence the name Digital Trend is a leading technology news hub that posts articles about news, reviews, how to guides, descriptive videos and podcasts in relation to technology that is on trend. Digital Trends was discovered in 2006 and was owned by Designtechnica Corp. The technology website is created by Ian Bell and Dan Haul.

The tech site also has their own electronic store which sells from gadgets to DIY hacks. Digital Trends has their own lifestyle site for men named ‘The Manual’. This site gained their popularity by publishing articles about roundups, giveaways, the blockchain, gaming and future of food. Their site also has online courses based on the interest of the consumer. Digital Trend has the Spanish version of the website under the same name.

10) TechRadar

TechRadar is another recognized online tech magazine that was discovered in 2008 and is owned by Future plc. TechRadar covers technology related to news, reviews, wearables, roundups, components, computing, and videos.

This tech site has made it popular by providing unbiased reviews from a range of technological products and having diverse editorial teams from different continents.

The best thing about TechRadar is that not it tells the reviews of the tech products but it rates the gadgets based in the specification by their editor picks.

TechRadar is considered as the sixth largest publisher in the UK and is ranked as the 93rd biggest media site in the US. TechRadar also picks out the most trending topic and it has how-to guides to get more help from your gadgets.

11) Business Insider

Business Insider is a fast-growing website that ranges from business topics from marketing to finance to the enterprise. Hence the name Business Insider was launched in 2007 and was created by Kevin P Ryan and the editor is Henry Blodget. The fast-paced business and tech site is also led by DoubleClick founders.

Business Insider publishes articles about technology in relation to finance, politics, strategy, life, intelligence, education and other categories like media and industries. Apart from news in relation to business and technology, Business Insider also has roundups and how to guides.

This tech site is available in 14 languages which target the readers in different languages. Business Insider has international editions and some of the articles are published in different languages.

12) MacRumors

MacRumors is a recognized tech website and hence the name the tech site is all about nothing more than Mac and Apple products. The tech site was discovered in 2000 and was created by Arnold Kim. MacRumors, as you can tell, is also about rumors and updated news. MacRumors has roundups which Apple products are ranked according to their editor picks and has a separate blog for Mac and iOS products.

The site also has buyers’ guide along with in-depth reviews of Apple products. This site is suitable for Apple lovers and wishes to know more about Apple tech products. MacRumors has targeted the audience for both consumers and professionals that have an enthusiasm for the latest technologies and products.

13) VentureBeat

VentureBeat is a tech and media site that was launched back in 2006 and was created by Matt Marshall. VentureBeat comprises different channels about technology in different categories in relation to relevant topics. Apart from different categories, VentureBeat hosts their own events happening in different cities and updates about past events as well.

The site publishes articles in relation to a broad range of categories and covers articles that focus on the most exciting updates about technology and the reason technology matters in our lives. These broad ranges include gaming, news, AI, cloud, business, AR/VR, mobile, transportation and many more. This tech website stands in the top 20 list by having upcoming and previous webinars of different topics related to technology.


Hence the name Blog us PlayStation is a tech site that covers articles in relation to gaming and PlayStation features. This website posts blogs about games, news, reviews, features and other updates about gaming consoles. Blog us PlayStation also covers articles or blogs about roundups, how to guides, tips & tricks and deals for special occasions.

This tech site is suitable for gaming lovers who want to know about the updates of video games. Blog us PlayStation publishes articles in four different categories such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Now.

The site has their own PlayStation store which has Add-ons, latest games, demos, themes and featured games coming up in special occasions. The store has roundups which rank games and add-ons according to popularity. This gaming blog site also has various editions according to different regions.

15) Gigaom

Gigaom is a blog media site that covers articles in relation to reports, analysts, events, topics and publisher’s corner. This tech site was discovered in 2006 and was acquired by Knowingly Corp in 2015. Gigaom offers opinions regarding startup companies and emerging technologies.

The website covers technological topics related to cloud, mobile, work technology, Internet of Things (IoT), data and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Apart from news, Gigaom publishes blogs about roundups and how to guides. Their aim of this site is to help business leaders on understanding the implications of technology emerging in relation to business, media, and society. This tech website mostly focuses on research about technology and analysis.

16) Engadget

Engadget is a multilingual tech website that covers articles technology in relation to news, reviews, gaming, gear, entertainment, Buyer’s guide, and video. The tech website was discovered in 2004 and was operated by AOL in October 2005.

Engadget also features roundups by their editor picks and latest deals for the upcoming special occasions. The tech site was ranked as one of the best blogs in 2010 by Time magazine. Engadget also updates podcast and has tomorrow’s guide as a means to know the viewers what will happen tomorrow or in the future.

The site tells you the future of technology linked to autonomous cars, biometric labs, and flights into space. Since it is a multilingual tech site, Engadget covers articles in English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and German.

17) Slashgear

Slashgear highlights the most recent updates about technology. Since the site was discovered in 2005, Slashgear updates the most recent articles from cutting-edge tech gear to the latest digital trends.

The tech site picks out the most distinctive, informative and fresh information about technological topics. The site covers technology in various categories including news, reviews, columns, buyer’s guide, deals, cars, entertainment, science, and health. Slashgear also has the best and the worst of technological products which are ranked according to the editor’s picks which adds to the unbiased reviews of gadgets.

Also, the site has a thought-provoking commentary where people express their opinions about gadgets they used. This tech site covers tech products such as phones, tablets, gaming, photography, computing, Apple, Android, apps, software, and wearables. Should you know about tech products? This tech site is suitable for you and check out the latest updates!

18) Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo is one of the fewest tech site that loves to bring the most recent topics about technology happening worldwide. Ubergizmo covers topics in a wide range of categories including reviews, phones, computers, tutorials, events, gadgets, gaming, general, photo/video and many more.

This tech site also covers technology linked to audio, design/concepts and web. Ubergizmo brings you the most updated gadgets that anyone can relate to and gives you guides and advice as well as brings you the list of electronics which helps you to decide which tech product to buy and which you don’t.

Ubergizmo made it to the top 20 tech sites by providing in-depth product reviews, helpful tutorials in relation to tech products and picking out the most enthusiastic or general topics that are linked to technology. The tech site is also available in Japanese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

19) Droid-life

Droid life is one of the greatest tech sites for Android lovers. The site covers a range of technological products which categorizes reviews, topics, videos, featured devices, unbiased reviews, deals and podcast.

What made Droid life belong in top 20 tech site worldwide? You can tell from the name that it mainly covers technology that is linked to Android products. The topics category has a wide range of features, apps games, polls, contest, accessories, and Android beginner’s guide.

Droid life also has tips and tricks along with unboxing the latest gadgets and first 10 things to do which is all about how to use gadgets and what is the first thing it needs to be done once you purchase the gadget.

20) Eurogamer

Eurogamer is a video game website that was discovered in 1999 and is operated by Gamer Network. The site began which was first focused on PC games.

Over the years Eurogamer has grown to cover every aspect of gaming. Eurogamer highlights games that covers in almost every category such as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Digital Foundry, news, reviews, features, videos, and guides. The gaming site also has the latest deals and promotions to pick out gaming consoles of your choice for special occasions. Eurogamer covers every aspect of article in relation to video games and other gaming consoles to keep the audience engaging.

In 2015 Eurogamer used to have a 10 scale rating system where the gaming product was rated as recommended, essential or avoid. In terms of Digital Foundry, Eurogamer not only updates about games but digs in-depth analysis of games and gaming hardware.

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