Using YouTube for B2B

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YouTube reigns over online video sharing. With the ability to transform a mere Canadian child – Justin Bieber – into a worldwide household name, YouTube carries sizable clout in the modern world. I’ll let you decide if this was a positive or negative thing in the case of Justin Bieber!

The site’s content ranges from official music videos to homemade cat clips, with so much in between. And despite YouTube’s reputation for being a generator of hilarious posts, it possesses serious marketing potential that is often overlooked for B2B companies.

B2C is certainly effective on the Tube, but companies looking for B2B opportunities can benefit from utilizing the site as well. Perhaps your company has overlooked YouTube, thinking it irrelevant in meeting your specific objectives. Think again.

Research the Market

Before getting started, do a little probing into the already-existing videos relating to your industry. You can see who is viewing, how many viewers per videos and commentary, among other useful tidbits. This information can direct you to certain topics and video styles that will generate more traffic.

Once you’ve started uploading, YouTube has some helpful analytics to assist you in creating more popular videos.

How-to Tutorials

Even if you’re not marketing a product, you can answer some kind of question in a how-to video. Anything related to your business can be considered fair game, so think of a question and start explaining.

Optimize Your Creative Outlet

If your foremost dilemma is that you don’t know what to make a video about, turn on your creativity cap. Don’t forget about case studies and product descriptions, but put some life into them. Keep your audience in mind and try to connect to them.

Consider mattress store Dr. Snooze, for example. As a means of connecting with its retailed brands like Serta and Simmons mattresses, the store developed a YouTube playlist of the “Top 5 Funniest Mattress Commercials.” Without even having to film and edit, Dr. Snooze successfully uploaded a creative and effective video compilation. This gave a little nod to those mattress brands and helped grown their relationship.

Boost SEO

SEO tactics are on every marketer’s radar. And as a rule, the more platforms on which you’re published, the more chances you have of being detected. YouTube videos show up in organic search engine results, thus boosting your business’s chances of being noticed. Make sure you’re utilizing YouTube SEO practices, and this will hopefully bring in a new faction of helpful viewers.

Lead Traffic to Your Website

YouTube will even help you to generate new leads. Attract interest to your videos and steer viewers back to your website. These businesses may not have just stumbled across your external site, so having your YouTube channel as a directional assistant will prove beneficial.

At the end of each video, insert a CTA and your website URL. You can also include your URL in the video description, or, if you want to shell out a little dough, you can stick it in YouTube’s overlay ads. These advertisements could regard redemption of an offer or anything relevant that could get potential clients clicking.

You don’t need a highly trained video crew and expensive equipment to have a successful YouTube presence. Start uploading today to see what YouTube can do for your B2B efforts.

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