What Does it Take to Go Viral Nowadays?

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As children, we all learned the concept of sharing in Kindergarten and viral was something nasty we picked up from our classmates. Say goodbye to having kooties with the other kids and fast forward to the new age of viral sharing online.

With the advent of social media networks, content is now shared thousands of times faster than the common cold spreads through our elementary school classrooms. In High School, our school pictures took days to be seen by everyone around our lockers in the hallways, but today a celebrity’s picture can be shared with the entire school roster in mere seconds.


Today, ordinary people are overnight sensations and becoming global starlets with the right video gone viral. In June, a Georgia man found himself almost completely alone in a well-lite airport in the city that never shuts off their lights, Las Vegas. So what does the average, everyday person do in this type of situation, make a music video!

Using the empty terminal as a backdrop, Richard Dunn, ironically enough, a lighting designer, lip-synced the Celine Dion version of “All By Myself” and published his video online. A short time later, Celine Dion posted a response to his piece and while currently performing in Las Vegas, she invited him to be her guest at her show, even noting that he could come backstage to “use her bathroom.” Not only did Richard get millions of YouTube views, he also accepted this “meet-and-greet” invitation with his idol.


This is an excellent example of cross promotion, while Richard received overnight notoriety, his idol Celine Dion also got some free hype for her Las Vegas show and users all over social media had even more to talk about and share.

Shown in the infographic below, different elements work together in order to give your content the extra push that it needs to hopefully land in today’s viral marketplace. They recite these basic necessities for your web material to contain a contagious factor online:

  • Positive Emotions
  • Research
  • Optimized Visuals for Social Sharing
  • A Catchy Headline
  • Authority
  • Consult the Experts

Mr. Dunn may not have necessarily shown positive emotions in his piece, but he still connected with his viewers on an emotional and humorous level. Although filmed with a simple smartphone, the video was edited very effectively and had great visual flow. Though he may not have been an expert on music and song styling, he was still able to engage with an authority, an expert herself in the field, Ms. Celine Dion.


Richard was given an unlikely opportunity which he capitalized upon in a grand fashion. Although he may have simply been in the right place at the right time with a unique idea, we can still learn a valuable lesson from his experience.

As it shows in the infographic under “cognitive impact,” he was able to find something to share with others that he believed was both interesting and somewhat surprising. You should educate yourself on what you think your viewers would find intriguing, see what’s trending and relative today. Don’t just put something out there, make sure that it will have impact on your audience in some way.

Is there a fool-proof strategy for getting your content to the viral level? By incorporating the appropriate elements, using these important tips, tricks and strategies, and with a little luck, your material could be seen all around the world online.

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