Why is your content strategy failing?

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It is important to understand that it is not enough to just have a content marketing strategy in place. It should have the ability to make a difference in your organization, and should also help in attracting new members. Planning out an effective strategy that does both the jobs well can be difficult, and may not necessarily hit all the right chords amongst your consumers.

There is a spectrum of factors that contribute towards making your content marketing strategy a success instead of a complete flop. From content generation to content publishing – each step is crucial and has to be handled cleverly to create the best possible content marketing strategy for your organization.

Don’t make these blunders.

Taking your content marketing team too lightly

Often, business owners don’t take the content marketing team seriously. Having a content marketing team in the workplace can enhance your online presence and reach. It is important to invest in a qualified team of content developers and marketers, who can create and market content that is related to your business. Sit with your content marketing team regularly to discuss and chart out new content strategies. There are a number of content marketing tools which can be implemented in your strategy.

Inconsistency in posting content

Adopting a content strategy and posting blog posts is not enough. The main goal behind content marketing is to promote the business, and give it ample exposure in order to increase profit. To do so, you need to stay in touch with your readership, and create up-to-date posts on topics frequently. Posting content at least twice or thrice a week is a great way to engage with your consumers. Inconsistency in posting, however, can lead to losing out on the loyalty of your readership.

Self-promotion on the blog

Content that sells a particular service that your business offers, or a product, won’t go down too well with the readers. The aim of a blog is to share insight, and helpful information with the readers, and if you are using your blog as a medium for product placement, you might as well drop the idea. Your blog’s credibility will reduce drastically if you start advertising your products or services on it. This does not mean that you cannot market yourself to your readers. A simple and subtle call to action line at the end of the blog also has the power to draw in consumers.

No content optimization

The use of proper keywords to bring your content to the top of the search pages is absolutely crucial. Pay close attention to details, and ensure that your content is professionally written. Do not forget to add details about the category of your blog, title tags, and meta tags. Filling in these fields will help your content get noticed in the search engine results.

Boring content

Make sure your readers can understand what you are trying to convey in your blog. If you are writing about a complex topic, tone down the language to something that can be easily understood. No one likes to read through blogs that only offer a load of technical jargon. The best way to capture your reader’s attention is to learn how to write an attractive business blog. Create content that is meaningful to your audience, and avoid adding fluff to reach a particular word count.

Add different types of media in your blog. A blog with a lot of text and no pictures, makes a blog quite bland and boring. People love watching short video clips, or listening to audio that relates to the content on your blog. Once people start reading your blogs and liking the content, they will want to come back for more information – giving your blog the opportunity to rank higher in search results and bring in more profit!

Improper image tagging

Don’t just post an image with the caption “img001.jpeg.” All it demonstrates to your reader is that you were too lazy to edit the image properly. Having images and videos on your blog is a brilliant way to create content that is both engaging and appealing. Edit any images or videos that you use in the blog, by adding appropriate title tags, Alt tags, descriptions and captions. Make good use of keywords that are related to the content to make the images more search-friendly. Adding links to the images that lead to a separate page on your website is also a very subtle way of advertising your own products or services.

No guest posts

Having a variety of writers contribute to your blog is always a good idea. Guest-blogging is all the rage nowadays, and the sooner you get on that bandwagon, the better it will be for the growth of your business. Try to get blog posts written by senior executives of the company, or by interns. Readers can get bored reading the same style of writing over and over again. A fresh outlook on a topic can help bring in different perspectives, and give the readers a chance to relate to a contrasting view on a particular topic.

Your content strategy can work miracles for your business, if you only remember to avoid making these amateur mistakes. Having a strong strategy is important, but following it through till the end is even more important and profitable. So, use these tips to enhance your content marketing skills, and start getting more out of your business. Good luck and happy strategizing!

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