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There is no need to say that Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms today, and that is why many brands try to use it for promotion and interaction with their followers.

No, Instagram is not used for link building, finding new clients or customers, etc. There are many other platforms for this purpose. Instagram lets every brand engage followers and make them like and share its image with other users to expand the number of fans and become more popular and interactive in such a way.

Content marketing is at the peak of its popularity today, but we all remember that Internet users like pictures much more than words, no matter what hooks you use to attract them. And this aspect makes Instagram a real must-check and must-try for every brand, which task is to attract many active followers who will be engaged into making others to follow this brand as well.

It seems that nothing can be easier here: you create your brand’s account, post cool pictures (well, you consider them cool at least), like and follow some active Instagram users, and you wait for them doing everything else. But… Oops, people are not in a hurry to follow you on Instagram… What’s going on here? Did you do anything wrong?

Trying to get many Instagram followers and drive more traffic with their help, you may forget or simply ignore some very important aspects. As a result, you fail on Instagram. Here are some basic reasons why users ignore your Instagram account and do not want to follow you there:

1. You do not know your audience.

Who are your followers? What is their average age? What interests do they have? Knowing all these factors, you will be able to understand clearly what attracts your followers, what kind of pictures they like most, what images or sayings can satisfy their needs and make them want to share your pictures with others. Your audience will help you understand what style to use for your Instagram profile in order to attract more visitors.

2. You do not know the exact time when users are more active on Instagram.

Are you sure that Instagram users see all pictures you are posting? The chances are, that people do not like your images and do not follow your account just because you use the wrong time to post. Remember the fact, that all Instagram pictures stay seen for 2-3 hours, and they are replaced by new ones afterward. Instagram users are very active at about 6 pm or so, and that is why it would a perfect time for you to post new images. If you post them on mornings, the chances that many people will see them are too small.

3. You forget hashtags.

Do not ignore hashtags, because they help people find your images faster. Some people consider using a lot of hashtags overwhelming, but a lack of them is much worse since their absence makes your account and pictures completely invisible and hidden for users. Make sure, that all your tags are relevant, do not make other users consider you a simple spammer. Social media understanding will help you here.

4. Your photos are not good or interesting enough.

Your Instagram account should look bright but professional, and there is no need to posts tons of images if all them are of medium or even low quality. As far as you understand, they will not attract people’s attention; moreover, it will make your existed subscribers unfollow your page. They use Instagram and check your page to see cool and relevant images of a high quality, so do not disappoint them if you want to engage them.

5. You didn’t pay attention to the fact your account is private.

Yes, Captain Obvious is here, but still… Always check your account settings before posting new images, because other people will not see them anyway if your account is private. It may appear your biggest fail ever: you spend days and nights trying to engage followers, choosing good pictures, analyzing your audience, checking hashtags, etc., but all these efforts are in vain. When your account is private, a person will have to ask your permission every time when he wants to see and like your picture. It can be a bit frustrating, so the chances are this person will just ignore your page.

Do not underestimate Instagram as a perfect platform for engaging new members and making new contacts. Visual messages can work much better for you than a plain text. Stay positive and friendly, post bright and interesting pictures that can engage your followers to comment and share them, and you will see how strong your social presence is now.


By Lesley J. Vos, a blog writer and essay proofreader of Bid4papers.com. Lesley is an active user of social media, and you can always see more her works on Facebook or Twitter.

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